Westrock Orthodontics Orthodontist Speaks Out on Dangerous TikTok Teeth Grinding Trend

Written by: Shayne Wiedemann

There’s a new trend on TikTok almost daily. From the newest dance moves to memes, hashtag challenges, self-care, and now dental trends. 

One emerging trend on TikTok may seem harmless but is extremely alarming to dentists and orthodontists everywhere. A recent trend shows TikTokers taking matters into their own hands to fix their uneven teeth by filing them down with nail files. Yikes!

Our very own Dr. Ben Winters (TikTok’s @thebentist) spoke out against the trend and made several supporting Tiktok videos about the dangers of filing down your own teeth. Buzzfeed published an article featuring Dr. Winters’ Tiktok videos and his warnings on filing down your own teeth.

Dr. Winters says, “As an orthodontist, you know the healthy limits of enamel and tooth removal…and shaving off your tooth is something you’ll never get back! I feel like it’s my obligation as an influencer and health professional to help kids and adults on the app. I want to help prevent anyone from doing something irreversible to themselves just because it looks cool online!”

He goes on to explain the anatomy of teeth and the potential dangers of filing your own teeth at home. “Everyone only has a certain amount of enamel that can be removed before you reach your Dentin layer and the nerve/pulp. Filing too far can cause serious pain, nerve damage, and increased sensitivity. Not only that, but you’re permanently altering your teeth. Which can affect the look and the way you bite.”

In the Buzzfeed article, Dr. Winters reminds the public that ‘quick fixes’ aren’t worth it when it comes to your teeth because you only get one set! It’s always best to consult a dental professional when it comes to your teeth. You can schedule a free consultation for braces of Invisalign with one of our licensed orthodontists today to get on the road to the smile you love.

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