About Us

Westrock Orthodontics is a progressive group of doctors founded on the idea to revolutionize what dental professionals have been collectively striving to achieve for years: growth while providing some of the highest quality patient care possible. 

In 2015, Westrock Orthodontics was founded, paying homage to the two founding locations in West Plains, MO and Little Rock, AR. Westrock Orthodontics is made possible by a group of private practitioners that have banded together to provide the highest quality of care possible through the sharing of ideas, techniques, and management skills utilizing the advantage of doctor-to-doctor consultation. Now totaling over 41 orthodontic locations with over 20 orthodontic providers throughout Arkansas and Southern Missouri, we are sure to exceed all of your orthodontic needs in a convenient, clean, and professional manner.

Westrock Orthodontics is an affiliate of Rock Dental Brands.

Your smile made easy.