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At Westrock Orthodontics, we know that a straighter smile cannot only improve overall health, but build confidence. Our wonderful team of Orthodontic specialists are passionate about providing treatment to boost your self-confidence. We specialize in results that give you a better quality of life, and of course, a smile you can share with others.

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  • Treatment Options

    We understand that everyone is different; that’s why we believe that every patient should have a unique treatment plan that works perfectly for them and their lifestyle.

  • Invisalign® Treatment

    Using a clear and customized series of aligners, Invisalign® treatment gradually closes gaps between teeth as well as treating an overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, and crooked teeth, moving them to the position you desire.

  • Cutting Edge Orthodontics

    Goodbye to those messy impressions! Our iTero Element imaging system gives you a complete 3D picture of your oral health in about a minute.

  • Easy Payment Plans

    The last thing we want to see get in the way of your perfect smile is money. Orthodontic treatment is certainly an investment, but with in-house financing we have the ability to find what makes the best financial sense for you.

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