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Dr. Kyle S. Wendfeldt

Mountain Home, Hardy, Highland Orthodontist

Mountain Home, Hardy, Highland Orthodontist, Dr. Kyle Wendfeldt provides braces and Invisalign to children and adults in Mountain Home, Arkansas and Hardy, Highland Arkansas. He takes great pride in this specialty orthodontic training and enjoys contributing to the Rock Dental Brands Doctor Executive Committee utilizing this specialty training. Dr. Wendfeldt understands that the smile line or “smile arc” that matches the natural contour of the lip line and facial shape is the most natural and esthetic. This key knowledge was founded through the additional 2-3 years of orthodontic residency special training that he received after dental school.

“I love to see the change in self-confidence as the patient progresses from shy and hiding their teeth to broad, happy, confident smile to unveil their natural personality.”

Dr. Wendfeldt has also enjoyed the challenge that comes with complex orthodontic skeletal cases. He was fortunate enough to practice Active Duty in the US Air Force where he typically did 2-3 orthodontic jaw surgery cases per week for adults and teens with complicated jaw issues. This breadth of experience with over 400 “orthognathic jaw surgery” cases has challenged him and allowed me to be confident that he and his colleagues and staff can correct nearly any type of complex bite and deliver amazing smiles not possible with conventional orthodontics alone.

As an active duty US Air Force officer for 12 years, he completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency then worked as a general dentist for 2 years before finishing furthering his education in orthodontia. Dr. Wendfeldt has continuously strived to hone his clinical skills as an orthodontist in Okinawa Japan, Kentucky, and San Diego, CA. He still serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the USAF Reserves at Little Rock AFB.

Born in Fairbanks, Alaska and raised in San Antonio, Texas he graduated from Texas A&M University in 1990. He met his wife Christina while in the US Air Force and have been married for 23 years. They have seven children who lovingly consume most of their free time with church, home school lessons, sports, drama, choir, and family activities. Dr. Wendfeldt loves college football, political-spy thrillers, and especially watching each child’s and adult’s self-confidence grow as their smiles are transformed!



University of Texas Health Science Center
Doctor of Dental Surgery

University of Louisville
Masters of Science degree, Oral Biology
Certificate in Orthodontics

You Might Not Know

His “Kryptonite” is Little Debbie Peanut Butter Bars. He loves to restore old VW buses.

Professional Organizations
  • American Board of Orthodontics Diplomate
  • College of Diplomates of the ABO
  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • Arkansas Association of Orthodontists
  • Missouri Association of Orthodontists
  • American Association of Military Orthodontists
  • American Dental Association