Mouth Guard Facts & Information: National Facial Protection Month

Written by: Dani White

At Westrock, we want to ensure that you know just how important it is to safeguard your smile with a mouth guard this spring season!

1.) Wearing a mouth guard is no joke and mouth injuries hurt your child and your wallet.  The cost to restore a single tooth is estimated at $10,000-$20,000.

2.) An estimated 30 million kids are in organized sports. Once they step on the field, they become 60 times more likely to risk injury to their teeth.

3.) 37% of parents say their child never wears a mouthguard while playing sports.

4.) A new survey shows parents want mouth guards to be required, not optional.

5.) Actions taken in the first minutes of a dental injury could impact dental health for a lifetime. If an injury occurs, follow these first aid tips.

6.) Those currently wearing braces should wear a mouthguard when playing sports. The extra layer of facial protection is imperative!

7.) 58% of parents report their child suffered a mouth injury while playing sports.

8.) 65% of parents report that when their child suffered a mouth injury they were not wearing a mouthguard.

9.) Bumps and bruises are part of being an athlete but mouth guards can prevent that rough play from causing serious damage, like knocking out a tooth.

10.) Kids who have an adult tooth knocked out may face a lifetime of dental maintenance.

11.) Because different sports involve risk and potential injury, talk to your orthodontist before choosing a mouthguard.

12.) Millions of teeth are knocked out each year due to sports injuries. Mouthguards are inexpensive and should be worn at every practice or game. Consider it a small investment in your child’s dental health!

13.) How to care for your mouthguard: wash in cool soapy water, rinse before/after use, brush with a toothbrush & toothpaste before and after use.

14.) Chew on This.  41% of parents think it’s harder to get kids to wear a mouthguard than to eat vegetables without complaining!

15.) 97% of parents feel their child athlete would be more likely to wear a mouth guard if they saw more professional athletes wearing them.

16.) Prevent dental injuries with a properly fitted mouthguard.

17.) Damaged teeth do not grow back. Protect your or your child’s healthy, beautiful smile by wearing a mouthguard.

Spring sports are here!

Remember to wear a mouth guard to protect your smile.

Your smile made easy.