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Crowding and Spacing of Teeth

Crowded Teeth and Gapped Teeth

Crowded teeth and gapped teeth are two main types of teeth alignment problems that can be corrected through orthodontics. Not only for a healthier smile, but for protection of your teeth and gums as well.

Crowded Teeth

Think of it as Black Friday in your mouth. Your teeth finally break through the gum line, only to be trampled by some jerk of a molar. When there’s no room for all your teeth to grow correctly, twisting or displacing can happen. Crowding can be caused by both abnormal growth and primary teeth being lost too early or late.

By expanding the arches of your orthodontic device or removing teeth altogether, we can then use braces to stop crowding. In addition to giving them the room to be the teeth they were always meant to be, this process has the benefit of preventing decay and disease because it will be easier to remove plaque from your teeth.

Spaced or Gapped Teeth

This is the opposite of crowding, where your teeth feel like they’re living way out in the country of your mouth, with the nearest tooth a ways down the gum line. This can happen when teeth are smaller than the space meant for them. It’s a condition, also called gap teeth, that can be caused by protruding, missing or impacted teeth too.

The problem can be simply solved by bringing teeth closer together, while also aligning them through treatment. Addressing the issue can better protect your gums and help your teeth to work the way they should. Plus, your smile will thank you.

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