The Tale of Wesley the Straight Toothed Dog

Written by: Dani White

Last week doggie braces were #trending and this week people are searching the internet to improve the oral health of their beloved canines.

Wesley, a 7 month-old golden retriever from Spring Lake, Michigan, has won the hearts of people all over the world as the dog with braces. By reading the comments on the Harborfront Hospital for Animals Facebook you can see how far his story has traveled.

It all started when Wesley’s owner, Molly, noticed that he was having trouble eating and was no longer playing with his toys. After some noticeable weight loss, Molly decided to take Wesley to the vet, who is also her father, Dr. Jim Moore. Dr. Moore specializes in veterinary dentistry and made the decision to put braces on Wesley and there his viral story began.

On his website, Dr. Moore describes each of the typical veterinary dental procedure categories and here is what he has to say about orthodontics.

“Orthodontia: Without a doubt, people curious about veterinary dentistry ask the most questions about “dogs wearing braces.” Moving teeth in veterinary medicine is accomplished not for aesthetics but to alleviate pain and return function to the pet.”

Orthodontic treatment benefits the overall quality of life for dogs and humans alike. Having a healthy bite is imperative for overall oral health, speaking, and even eating.

At Westrock we do not treat any four-legged patients, we just stick to what we know best and that’s you!

Click here to see additional photos and learn more about Wesley’s Orthodontic Journey.

Information taken from: BuzzFeed and Harborfront Hospital for Animals
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