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Our Story

Dr. Mark Dake of Westrock Orthodontics in Arkansas and Missouri

Dr. Mark Dake

The Westrock Orthodontics story begins over 30 years ago in 1986 when Dr. Mark Dake started his first orthodontic practice in a little town in Southern Missouri called West Plains. Throughout his career, Dr. Dake’s focus remained on quality patient treatment, as well as finding other orthodontists who shared the same vision.

He learned that high-quality patient treatment was of the utmost importance and the key to running a successful orthodontic practice. As the landscape began to change in the orthodontic industry, the concept of “strength in numbers” began to make sense. Dr. Dake realized that partnering with private practitioners proved not only beneficial in creating a more stable business, but it also encouraged everyone to constantly strive to provide better patient treatment and achieve the best patient results possible.

In 2009, a group of practices centered around Little Rock, Arkansas, operated as a similar group to Dr. Dake’s practices, with Dr. Bryan Hiller at the helm. Over the next several years they worked tirelessly to build a business infrastructure and back-office systems to support constant improvement to patient care and customer service. In time, this endeavor developed into a group of practices focused on leveraging the best technology available, as well as top-trained teams, whose success was a result of providing an outstanding patient experience and some of the finest treatment available through the collaboration and peer review of the doctors.

Dr. Bryan Hiller, Orthodontist for Westrock Orthodontics in Arkansas

Dr. Bryan Hiller

In 2015, the Westrock Orthodontics brand was created, paying homage to the two locations where this concept began: West Plains, MO and Little Rock, AR. At Westrock Orthodontics, we are a group of private practitioners that have banded together to provide high quality care possible through the sharing of ideas, techniques, management skills and taking advantage of doctor-to-doctor consultation. We strive to achieve excellent finishes on every smile so that our results could be presented for critique by our peers – this is an internal drive, a personal integrity and a part of our culture to give every patient the best smile and bite that is possible.

Westrock Orthodontics is an affiliate of Rock Dental Brands.

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